Toast ale Launch @ Strong Rope Brewery

Along with Chef Denzell Washington, I had the pleasure to create custom chips using two varieties of Rise Flour to serve as bar snacks at a launch event for Toast Ale. Rise and Toast being two of my favorite brands, both producing upcycled food materials (flour from spent brewer's grain and beer from surplus bread respectively), I jumped at the opportunity.

From a dark, chocolatey stout flour made from grains provided by Big aLICe Brewing Company, I make a vegetable based chip containing the stout flour and leek puree, seasoned and coated with bonito flakes and nori--the smoke flavor pairing with the malt notes in the flour. 

The next flour, made from an APA from MIkkeller Brewery featured nutty caramel notes, and I wanted to pair it with a complex spice profile, featuring madras curry, cumin, coriander, paprika, and chili. To balance the protein heavy, fiber rich texture of the flour, I also used split pea flour to the dough. 

If you couldn't make it out to the launch, no worries, chips along with Rise flour will be on sale later in the month at KCBC in Brooklyn!