Pepper Supper Club 07/16/2018

Join us for a night of familiy style dining as we celebrate our roots, fusing traditional Guyanese cuisine with local market driven New York City fare. We will be serving the following menu in a group setting, accompanied by descriptions & discussions by Chefs Anna Fitting and Rande Rogers of the processes, techniques and sourcing that went into the creation of the dishes. 


Guyanese paratha roti/ curried chickpea hummus

Baby lettuce wedge/ garlic crouton / salt cod caesar 

Tempura fried market vegetables/ blistered heirloom tomato sauce 


Whole roast chicken/ bell pepper brine/ Jersey sweet cornbread stuffing

New York strip / braised flowering kale/ wiri wiri butter

Coconut creamed local greens

Lemon potatoes/ marjoram/ coriander 


Blueberry crostata / coconut blossom sugar / housemade greek yogurt 

anna fitting